Wednesday, September 30, 2009

day off

*sigh* Facebook is down and nonresponsive *at least for me* just as Esme goes down for a nap. I tried to make a rag doll but one of the legs was messed up some. We were up at Grandma's earlier and she ran all over. Right after lunch here she fell asleep and I put her in her bed. Time to go make some coffee and sit down at the workbench see what comes to mind.

I got a lesson in french seams from a lady at work the other day, over our lunch hour. I'll try to put it to use but it will take me time to get it straight - 'think backwards' she said - everything is the same, but inside-out and backwards, then one more seam everywhere and right-side out... I think I'll start with a pair of pants - as they have fewer seams to 'turn back the clock' on.


ElizabethEK said...

FB has been acting up for me lately as well. Ugh.

I meant to tell you. I read one of your very old posts the other day (something like "All About me" - can't remember the exact name). I didn't realize we shared such a love for coffee!! :)

RheLynn said...

I joke I drink coffee about every two hours, while I'm awake. Some days that isn't a joke ;)