Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heavy boots, lounging and pretend phones

This picture doesn't look like much - but Esme gets behind my sewing machine and grabs this old laptop carrier bag strap and pretends to call Grandma and Grandpa on it like a phone. She carries on conversations that I don't get all of but definitely sound like a phone conversation in structure and some of the words. Why does she pick this of all things? She even has a 'dead' cell phone with no battery in it but she chooses to 'call' on this. Does she think it's the seat belt in the car, a phone, or remind her of both?

Even better - she's done this enough that I've been able to catch pictures of it! She hardly ever repeats her pretends often enough for that!

wearing Daddy's big heavy steel-toed boots
a few months ago she would get in them but couldn't move at all!
now she goes all over the house and sometimes gets stuck in corners (she can't turn around yet without getting out of them) and cries frustrated until we come rescue or her or she gets out and turns them around with her hands

poking in the closet in the boots
don't know why but I liked this picture

completely transfixed by Shaun the Sheep
sitting and lounging on our bed pillows drinking watered down juice

She was so tired but really wanted to watch her sheep DVD - her ultimate favorite show so far. After Shaun was over she was completely crashed and went to bed with no fuss at all. That isn't usual for her!

All of this after completely going overexcited over Grandpa and Grandma giving her a KFC chicken leg at their house tonight ;) She ran around our house for a bit after we got home then when she asked for Shaun she started to droop more and more until she was nearly asleep!

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