Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Comparison of baby photos

My mom has this labeled 'four years old 1984' but it looks younger even than some of the others she has marked '3 years old'. Recently someone on Facebook posted a picture of our kindergarten class photo and my hair was much much longer in that picture and the three-year old pictures... so I'm guessing this is probably about two years old. This is also very similar to the dress (if not the same one) she has me in at my "first birthday party" pictures, which also makes me think it is younger than four!

This was Esme a few months ago - she's not quite two even now. She does look a lot like I did as a kid - but there is something in the eyes and cheeks that is definitely from Mark's side. She also has Marks' 'vulcan' eyebrows.

labelled 'Christmas 1983'

Kindergarten 1984-1985
can you tell which one I am?

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