Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday morning

Esme just started in with 'real' copying maybe two weeks ago -- picking things up from one saying of it, etc.... Before that she would take a few times at least to pick it up - a common phrase like 'where did it go' or something we say a lot like 'juice cup' etc... Now she is picking up words from TV, repeating things we say to each other with pretty good accuracy and remembering them long enough to use it again in a proper situation. She is trying to have real conversations and come tell us stuff about things going on across the room - things she wants to do etc... she did that before of course, but more with signs and pointing.. now she is using words and using them pretty well to get her ideas across.

The other night with her 'move doggie butts!' comment was hilarious. And last night we were mimicking Mitzi's kittens going 'mew!' because their mom was out and they were being loud and noisy about being alone and Esme wakes up in her bed and says 'mew?' three times. I told her she was a good girl. Then when I gave her a diaper change she asked me for 'shirt (so I can go) outside' - and got really loud about that over the course of ten minutes. We finally did get ready to go "outside in the dark" and walked around with Daddy and the dogs and the flashlight for a bit. She was saying things like 'tree', and 'star' and 'doggie' and 'truck' and tried to say 'house' and 'upstairs.' She threw a tremendous fit when we put her back to bed after that... but eventually went to sleep. I told her we would bath and grandma's house in the morningtime... let's see if she remembers when she wakes up!

I bought some more plain tan poplin to try another pinafore - with some printed fabric from my stash for the waistband and embroidery on the front maybe... we'll see. Esme is getting bigger and I need at least a yard now to do anything except shorts for her -- my stash is shrinking in the terms of full yardage -- mostly scraps and half yards. The other pinafore dress was made from two stash half-yards and some other lining fabric to make up the difference. It was hard finding something 'pretty' to make it out of!

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