Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Temperatures dropping

It was 69 in the lower level of the house this morning (71 upstairs) and wow Winter is already trying to come upon us on the first day of September! I'm glad I'm starting to make Esme more clothes - will need to start using more warmer materials and putting on sleeves. It still gets to 80 and sometimes 90 during the day outside - but at night it's getting to pajama and blankets temperatures. At the same time that we don't turn our air conditioning on high in the summer we don't turn our heat on high in the winter. Nothing like the Paris apartment, though, where if you look back in the blog you would see 50 degree mornings inside and sometimes even less. Mark likes his heat much too much to ever let that happen! haha I often call him a 'creature of fire' and he kids that I am an 'Eskimo woman.' Maybe Esme will fall somewhere in the middle or have some super-hero range of temperatures she can endure (just kidding here)

I dug out one of Esme's old baby quilts last night and gently laid it over her in her crib. She still hasn't quite learned how to use blankets - should have started her earlier but was afraid of all the warnings about kids not having pillows or blankets in their cribs. She often wakes up and throws it off when I do put one on her. This morning she kept it on but was awake after a few hours.

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