Friday, September 04, 2009

thirty mile yard sale

We went to the thirty mile yard sale and got some cute things! A few clothes for Esme, a bit of electronic gadgeta for Mark and a box of sewing patterns for me. My goal was to find some sewing patterns and/or some old shirts worthy of recycling into clothes for Esme. Yay, I found both and a few tshirts and pants that will fit her now. I also found an old metal barn toy with lots of plastic animals (some are too small for her to have right now - but some of the horses are big and she likes them) Mark also found something his father and mother were trying to find for a while now.

A moment ago Esme was continuously getting herself stuck in the cat-tent pop up toy and then fighting hard to get back out... then getting right back into it. She has had three cups of juice today so I think that was a huge sugar rush showing itself. Now, after screaming her head off for about the fifth time not getting out of the tent - I've put her to bed and she is napping. I'll probably make chicken when she gets up and start some lasagna for tonight, maybe.

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ElizabethEK said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Glad you found some things.