Wednesday, September 02, 2009

so cute things

The other night I had called my mom in Minnesota and Esme had taken the phone to talk to Nana, I told her after a bit it was 'time for night night' and Nana on the phone told her 'yes Esme time for night-night.' You should have seen the shocked and betrayed look on her face - the phone isn't supposed to say that! I did go put her to bed a bit after that.

Today I made her another shirt and she is sitting in her room after eating chicken - she is paging through her books and trying to eat food on the pages, neighing at the horses etc etc... She is so funny lately especially with things she says. She was telling the sheep in her Shaun the Sheep DVD not to climb on things - or go over walls. I can't duplicate what she says but it means 'don't do that' and sounds like DA NA but all run together. She kept shouting that at the sheep whenever they did something she thought was dangerous or when they were dancing in a way she thought was silly. When the DVD was done she said 'sheep all done'. I also love it when she sees something she thinks/knows is food and she goes 'chomp' with her mouth as if she is about to bite it. Silly kid!

I have to go to work in about an hour. Friday off - need to do a lot of work around the house but so hard to know where to start.

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