Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finished making the second pinafore dress for Esme

I weep for literate humanity when I read articles like this one on 'how to make clothes for your toddler' But then, I know there have to be some people who need the precautionary elements like 'don't let your toddler sew clothes, it can be dangerous'... so maybe they're on to something. And for those that this kind of information is common knowledge, along with 'you will need scissors sharp enough to cut fabric' - we can have a giggle or two.

I finished the second pinnie dress, all but the buttonholes again. I put Esme in it to visit her grandparents and it fits much better than the first one - still some gape at the armholes but not as much. They said she looked like 'a real little girl' in a dress - she is a real little girl ;) but she did look like Gretel or Heidi wearing it, very cute and 'storybook'. Next thing will probably be some more shorts again. I like having a hobby that is productive.

There are a few things about making that dress that would make a USEFUL article - like how the inner facing of the bodice attaches to the frilly sleeve in such a way you can hardly see it yet it seals the edges in nicely. The same thing with the waistline but I haven't made that happen perfectly yet. There is a lot to learn from these older patterns.

details on the second pinnie dress

I only had a 'fat quarter' of the teddy bear and locomotive fabric. I've been saving my piece for a while - I bought it as part of a set of fat quarters last December. It's Japanese, but it says in French on it 'The train has arrived, we are going on a trip' and 'We will end and exit the train in a forest of apples' My translations are not perfect ;) but I think that is the gist of what it says! The plaid fabric was a pair of curtains in the remnants box from the yard sales. I used red thread on the cream bedskirt fabric to make fancy details on the sleeves and the waistband was hand sewn onto the bodice.

made with this vintage pattern

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