Thursday, September 24, 2009

third day of vacation

This morning we went to the thrift store and library book sale again. I scored four size 3-5 patterns at the thrift store for 25 cents each. It'll be a little while before she grows into them (the 2 pattern is just slightly too big even!) but they'll come in handy.

Esme talked to a little boy at the library and played puzzles with him. It was cool to watch her use her new vocabulary with him - almost a real conversation. She also told a man at the library computers that his hat was pretty - which surprised him ;) it was pretty, it was a NASA hat with blue and red flames across the sides of it.

Then we went to the 'snap-snap' (grocery store) and Esme got stickers with stars on them. She was very happy about that - and is trying to say so many new words it's amazing to me! I say 'snap-snap' for grocery store because she recognizes it as what I say when I put her in the cart with the belt buckle. Today she tried to say 'snap snap' too. She tries to say library too, but it comes out 'brary' or some version of. There were lots of things I told her we were buying she tried to repeat. In the checkout line at the store Esme was threatening to eat the magazines with pictures of food on them. I knew we had to have lunch as soon as we got home!

At home we had yogurt (new brand - she doesn't like it as much but it's ok), ravioli (with a real fork) and lemon cookies. She hardly got any on her shirt. Esme found her own crayon box and started drawing on her easel which I found cool because usually she bangs on stuff and asks 'yea' instead of doing it for herself.

Now we are watching Galaxy Quest and she is bopping around the room. I am going through my fabric stash and separating out the 'tiny bits' from the 'probably can do something with this' pieces. Mark is on his way to a nap - he washed the dogs yesterday and between that and a lethal meatloaf overdose he is ready to take it easy now today with the library sale books he bought. Grandma gave us two pieces of fabric while we were up there yesterday - after the towels get done in the laundry I'll wash one of them and see what goes well with it to make something for Esme.


ElizabethEK said...

Sounds like a great day. I know what you mean about words like snap-snap. Emily's word for parm cheese is pish-pish. We aren't even sure why!! So funny.

thursday said...

Don't you just love all the funny names kids come up with? My niece calls my sister "nom" - her name is actually emily, though. One day she kept asking Riley "what's my name?" and I guess Riley thought it was "name." Hahahaha!