Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Pics - apron prototype

It's just a prototype - and considering I've been cleaning the floors in the house and doing laundry with no care of what my hair looks like today I think Mark took some pretty good pictures. I won't say what he said to make me give him that look though! (HA)

I need to make it wider at the sides (the pattern was a size 'junior petite' and I did some alteration to it, hence the funny stripe in the middle where I tried to expand the bodice and then put it back together... ) The neck wasn't supposed to be piecemeal like that - just an accident of how much fabric I had left etc... I think with what I'm seeing here the next one would be pretty close to 'good' and I could focus more on finishing the edges nicer, decoration, pockets, fabric choice etc...

I had Mark's mom try it on, as she is 'petite' like the pattern was meant for - and I'd need to move the neck up quite a bit but lengthen the bottom of the bodice to keep the waist in the same place. For me, the waist could have probably been lengthened some as well. Also, maybe move the back ties to the waist but that was the best placement when I tried it on.. looks funny from the side.

Iggy Pop Pup is really growing up
love the 'caramel drizzle' effect she has going on
Mark is less kind, he says she's 'rusting', he should have bought the undercoating

Iggy Pup as a baby
Iggy in June (just three months ago)

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ElizabethEK said...

Nice! Looks good. Especially for a prototype.