Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thursday morning

I have to be at work in an hour - have had a lazy day and a half off of work - and a turnaround shift tonight (close and then back twelve hours later).

Esme has been cute this morning, asking me to draw sheep on her easel and showing me a few new words of hers 'pants' being the one I am happiest about. She loves to tell me her cup is 'empty' now and everything else she can think of, like the clothes hamper, my coffee cup, a bucket etc... I got drug by my pants across the house, up the stairs and across the upstairs in order to give her a diaper change. I'll be glad when she starts using words for things like that!

I've got one dress entirely finished except for noticed a problem with the skirt :( Have to take it back off and try it again.

Mark went to town while I did laundry and gave Esme her applesauce and bread. She loves applesauce or yogurt with a piece of bread and a drink in between her breakfast and lunch. Especially because she doesn't eat as much breakfast as she used to - just a quick bite with some milk and she's off running until snacktime!

Now it's time to get dressed for work while Mark makes pizza for Esme and him. He said I gave her a bath and got her all clean and now he is going to get pizza everywhere so I have to give her another bath tonight when I get home (hehe) - if she's awake!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rhe, its gale... I have a friend here who needs to get a web page going for her business and doesnt know how to even start... is there any way you or Mark could help her?? BTW I love the pic with Esme cracking up!!!