Friday, October 02, 2009

funny things toddlers do

Tonight Esme is running around the room wearing her 'RAR' dinosaur shirt and making good use of it - saying 'RAR' everywhere. She also has a three-eyed alien rubber finger puppet someone sent me in the mail long ago - and is saying RAR with that. The poor dogs are getting run over and around and bounced near etc... she is pushing the cat tent around and wiping her brow like 'this is so much work!' Grandma thinks she got that out of the Shaun the Sheep cartoon - it's likely! She is also tossing a block over her shoulder and then turning around to see where it lands - did that about eight times tonight. That is the block she kept losing when she shook her big jar the other day - and entirely lost it for a while. Guess she's trying to recreate the scene? Mark says she might be imitating the Swedish Chef on Muppets because he always throws everything behind him when he's done with his song.

A few minutes ago she holds up a cup of apple juice I don't recognize from 'today' and makes her 'slurpie' sound and says 'mm'? I ask her 'That's not the cup you just had - where did you get that? Is that current?' and she looks at it and very coyly asks 'EWW?' I say yes 'EWW' let's go find your current cup and fill it up with juice.

This morning Esme picked up the word 'pants' again and repeated after me 'I want pie' - both word/phrases are in her Jimmy Neutron cartoon 'When Pants Attack' I forget exactly how the conversation went - something about 'p' words, pizza, pie, puppies (to which she said doggies) but when she repeated 'I want pie' I told her 'You don't even know what pie is!' haha

Last night it was raining and I ran out to check the truck windows. Esme saw me come in and wanted to go out so badly -- I told her 'wet out there!' and wiped water from my arm on her arm. She said 'EWWWW' and then I opened the door and let her see the rain was coming down. She started repeating 'wet ahsite - wet wet wet ahsite!' and continued for about five minutes. During the movie 'Aliens vs. Monsters' we rented and watched last night she dove down and hid by the bed when everyone was screaming and crying on the breaking bridge. After the 'scary' part was done she stood up and asked 'ow?' and looked at the screen -- I told her everyone was alright and then she got back on the bed and watched more with us. She loved Insectosaurus and said 'RAR' whenever she saw it.

It's amazing to see all the thoughts going on in her head lately and try to figure out where they are all coming from and how they are coming together.

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