Thursday, October 08, 2009


cleaned the kitchen some, the bathtub some - did most of the laundry, cleaned Esme's toy area (throwing out some ratty stuff and torn magazines) and swept two areas of the floor... there is a lot more that needs to be done but if I take it a piece at a time it doesn't start me into a cleaning tornado of the dangerous kind. I can make myself pretty upset just by cleaning.. something to do with my mother and learned behavior. Anyway - feel accomplished for the bit I got done and now if Esme isn't too covered in ketchup from her fish sticks I'll bring her to see Grandma, otherwise it's bathtime. Yesterday she fell asleep at three, and seeing we had a town run for the houseplant materials and chicken, we didn't get up there at all. If she crashes for a nap today maybe I'll get something done in sewing - maybe not...

I read an article on Fark about hoarding issues and WOW. That spurred some more of my cleaning efforts today. Several members of my family up north have issues with hoarding useless but supposedly 'valuable' possessions, to the point of being unable to live normally. I have an uncle who can't even walk through his house it's that bad. My mom is getting worse in her elder years - but I think that's mostly to do with her being sick a lot and not being able to remember where she puts anything anyway etc... She hates to wear her glasses, and I know she uses that as a partial excuse for not going through anything. I'd hate to ever get that way. A few years ago my ideal living space was nearly barren - with everything put away or thrown away. That isn't possible with a kid much less with an Ebay store or sewing workshop. HA. Well I can at least try to throw out what isn't easily useful and stack what is in an organized fashion. Hopefully a lot of it can be yard sale fodder sometime - if there is any time - that I am off work long enough to do it.

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