Friday, October 16, 2009

sewing update (no pics)

Made two identical pairs of pants out of navy fabric with little rabbits hopping, and also a pair of red 'doggie' fabric pants. Esme loves the doggie fabric and says 'ow ooo!' howling at the doggies. I put a little hopping rabbit tag in the back of the dog fabric pants because they ended up with a definite front and back, while the rabbit pants seem to be nearly the same front and back. I'm not sure if that is a difference in the cloth or the way I made them. They are just a tiny bit long on Esme without her shoes on which is a refreshing change from all the shorts I've been making, and all the pants that have turned into shorts over the time she has been wearing them.

I've also finished the one blue pinafore dress with the French seamed waist and a pair of shorts that match it. There is a green 'palm leaf' fabric I found on the clearance rack that so far is one pair of shorts and hopefully two more pairs of pants.

I have this weekend off and I'd like to get a package out to Em soon but I'd also like to include something tiny for her birthday. We're not doing anything for Esme's birthday except a cake and balloons and sing the birthday song sort of thing... and I have a pair of black winter boots to give her since she is 'shoe-obsessed' she is probably going to love them and clomp around the house in them happily.

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ElizabethEK said...

YAYAYAYAYAY!!! You don't need to send anything for her birthday..... :) Then again, I will probably send Esme something also.