Saturday, October 17, 2009

Orange Plaid Pants and Giggles

This is a pair of orange plaid pants I recycled out of a large men's shirt. I had seen it at a yard sale for a dollar and thought 'When is the next time I'll see orange plaid without going out of my way to look for it?' Not that I would go out of my way to look for it, ;) but it rated high on the unique scale at the time. These even use the shirt pocket on the front panel of the pants - so maybe she can carry a toy around with her when she gets the idea. These are the same kind of pants as the rabbit ones.. Mark calls them 'karate zen' style because they are just slightly bell-bottom.

In this picture she is laughing her head off because Daddy popped a balloon trying to blow it up. Actually it was the third balloon that had popped.. or maybe the fourth. It wasn't a good night for balloons.. maybe the package we have is getting old.

And here are some outtakes from her and our pit bull 'Bunny' playing on the floor under Mark's desk. All of the paint is coming off the floor under there... but short of taking everything out of the room and repainting, or putting down different flooring etc etc... not sure what to do about it right now. Bunny is a VERY tolerant pit bull. Mark gave her careful training when she was a puppy to make sure she would be a gentle dog. She even allows Esme to play 'stuff on my dog' and sits letting books and blocks stacked up on her. Esme knows she is in 'danger' of getting licked if she stays still too long near the tongue end!

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ElizabethEK said...

These look like the pants you sent Emily! We love them.