Friday, October 23, 2009

Small amounts of time

It seems lately I only have small amounts of time between anything -- and it goes by so fast. Mark mentioned the other day that Esme will be bringing home a boyfriend before we even blink again ... time is going by that fast. But I am focused more towards the 'now' which quickly becomes the 'then.' I was going to ask for my remaining vacation days off at work (found out I have two more to use) on October 1st and wow wouldn't you know it is already October 22nd... too late for the November dates I was thinking of and now I'm trying to find a few days in December. Wow. And at home I just try to get a few things done besides the laundry and Esme baths and etc etc that fill up so much of my actual 'off' time. And I still spend time at the computer that could be doing other things - but it is easier to get up from the computer and grab Esme than it is from the sewing machine on the other side of the room... and Esme loves her StarFall and to watch Mark play games so she is often in our laps.

and even now my small amounts of time are fleeting... I need to get to work in about twenty minutes so it is time to go put up my hair and do all those little things that I save until the last few minutes...

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ElizabethEK said...

You put into words very well the exact thought I have been having lately.