Monday, May 18, 2015

Homeschool and Summer Activities

We went in to the School Board today to fill out the papers for second grade homeschool, and to turn in our attendance record from this year.  We had talked to Esme about maybe trying to get into third grade - but she said she would rather do the things we had planned for at home than have to work that much harder on her writing (and what we said about older kids worried her some).  So, we put in our order for the Astronomy and Geology books.

I also cleaned up the school and craft areas a bit today and sorted things out.  We played several hours in our shared Minecraft world, just for the fun of it. I started on her summer clothes - as she has torn holes in a lot of her other playclothes.  I finished a pair of shorts that she will try on  later. We had a good lunch, and Harry Potter is on the TV again.

We have kept the Summer Journal for three days in a row - reluctantly a little, but hers has to be at least one full sentence with punctuation.  Then I share something as well for her to read.  Her spelling has noticeably improved since last year.  It gives me hope that we can start on writing prompts a few days a week when we start 'class' again in August.

I am really glad to see her using her skills she has learned.  That makes all the difference.

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