Monday, May 04, 2015


8.30a    - spelling & capitalization worksheets
9a    - reading aloud from online reading book, word topics, write a poem, draw picture for poem
9.30a    - break

10.30a    - PE (50x 10lb bench, 25x 10lb deadlift,
      50x situps)
11a    - Minecraft - she  built a zoo.  She said she would show it to me tomorrow after my work.
12.15p    - break

12.45p    - gardening and chores
1p    - Snap Circuits #15 & #16
1.45p    - minecraft
2.30p    - done

Notes:  My teeth (or jawbone) still hurt...I may just have to check with a dentist after all.

We read the next leg of Stink Moody and the Gigantic Super Galactic Jawbreaker.  She made a ''vending machine' out of a box, some paper 'coins' she cut out,  and bits of a  paper towel tube that would be the soda cans that come out when you put the 'coins' in  the slot she had cut with scissors.

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