Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday last week of homeschool

 8:3a    - dragon city - Did you know there is a Double Metal dragon? And a space dragon?

9:3a    - letter writing to Aunt Dot, with hand drawn pictures
10.15a    - break
//We had some breakfast, got ready for town, and dropped the envelope in the mailbox.

11:3a     - quilt show at the heritage historical society, she voted for her favorite quilt, and remembered the last time we were there in December.  I talked with her about why quilts were different from each other- and why someone might make an 'art' quilt.
12     - library trip - buying books in the bookstore, talking to the bookstore lady about sewing and suchforth

//at the library I picked up several language workbooks for next year - just to have around in case I'm at a loss, and a few social study /geography workbooks.  Esme saw me looking through them and said 'We have enough books for school, Mom, so many books, like, how many books can we even read?  //Don't tempt me child (heh) She has known us all these years, seen the walls full to bursting with books..she is the one who carried three books to town of her own just to have something to read in the car!... but anyway, I showed her several interesting children's picture books and she was much more excited about that idea.  Yes, I bought the workbooks anyway ;) (at 50 cents to a dollar you really can't go wrong except for back injuries from carrying them home) and six magazines at a quarter each for me.

12:30     - city park P.E.
1:3     - ordering lunch from Subway
1:45     - break

4p - fishing -- She is so excited,... I've tried to have her play in the shade some as the sun is very strong.
And later, we will have Taco Wednesday, which is sort of educational - even though school is officially over for the day.  One of the books we bought was the Quiltmaker's Gift, which is fitting, considering the quilt show.

 Esme and Mark showing off the tomato fence they put up yesterday.
Giving the tomato plants a 'pep talk'.

Just watching her makes me tired...climbing trees,jumping off the berm and ZOOM she's all over the place.

She caught a fish.  Columbus (the white puppy) fell off the dock and had to  be rescued.  I made a daisy chain wreath and Esme helped me hang it up in the garden.  Taco Wednesday was a success.

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