Friday, May 29, 2015

Sewn Friend (the KnitOwl at practice)

I played tonight at the sewing machine - getting a little practice.  Esme seems pleased with my take on the pink kitty from my painting.  I might try her again..or something else... have to get back in the groove and play at my art. I told her I would try to put some little red bows and stripes on her like in the painting from the first day of our summer journal.  I also made her a little pair of 'undershorts 'in white fabric with white embroidery thread for 'lace' at the bottom.  Esme had said she would be an embarrassed kitty, otherwise - and now she'll be a 'respectable' kitty with them.  She might merit a picture in better light..turned out quite well for a 'mockup' of an hour or so's play and no pattern to start with.

This is Esme's airplane from Minecraft today.
She said the hardest part was the 'double floor'. It needed a double floor because otherwise the windows would be blocked by the wings and the people couldn't see out.  She put a Flag on top of it as well.

The thing she built yesterday was a 'beehive', which looked like a large black and yellow box full of villagers, chests full of 'honey' (gold bars and nuggets) and crafting tables (because they work so much). It had a birchbark staircase up to it and a cave full of flowers nearby so the 'bees' could collect pollen.

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