Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Not a flea market Tuesday

8.30a    - spelling worksheet
8.45a    - dictionary reading- sadly puffin and femur were not in her new dictionary (which arrived a few days ago, but partridge and potato were)
9a    - Minecraft
10.30a    - break

10.45a    - drawing
11a    - disassembling printers with screwdrivers under Daddy's supervision, one was a daisy wheel printer from 1984, they discussed how the motors moved things in the printers, and lefty-loosey righty-tighty with the screws holding the parts in place
1p    - break

2.45    - chores; helping with pork spice recipie
3.30p    - done

I came home at 4:30 - and we went to town for grocery shopping, allowance spending and to look at robotics kits in the Radio Shack closing sale.  Mark bought several clearance items which we will introduce Esme to for her school electronics projects.

I have scheduled a dentist appointment.  I am almost all the way through Son of Tarzan.
Corn, okra and asparagus beans are starting to peek up in the garden.  Also, some morning glory and marigolds.  I planted a handful of Whipporwill speckled cowpeas and a row of the White climber beans tonight.  

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