Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday is not Taco Tuesday

8a    - flea market
//-- We found a thermometer for a quarter which we snapped up immediately to use for school stuff next year.  She can already read it pretty well.  She was surprised it really 'went down' when put in the shade vs. where it had been laying out in the sun.  She was also given a beautiful blue rock for free from a vendor- we think it is a sodalite rock.  She wants to do some work with rocks and minerals next year, and geodes.
10.30a    - break

12p    - spelling / writing practice - reading Sea Life out of her online book.  We also looked up Moray Eels to see if they had eyes.  They do.  I made her spell several sentences - which she despaired over.  Even though she had to really work hard at several words - I noticed she got 'some' and 'more' without having to ask or despair specifically about them, (as she did with many, want and water).  She is absorbing the spelling, even though it is her hardest and most reluctant subject.

I had to go on to work.  I hung up her entire spelling list for the year in the hallway - telling her it will stay there where she can see it easy all summer.. and maybe she will remember some more next year.
1p    - break

2p    - gardening - observation of what needed to be done, what was growing etc...
2.30p    - break

5p   - helping put up fence on tomato lines - Mark said she really thought and worked hard on this task with him.
6p   - done

We read How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight before bed.
I showed her the taco kit for 'not Taco Tuesday' tomorrow.  She was quite unhappy that the words Taco Wednesday didn't sound right.  I have more planned for tomorrow in town, too.

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