Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Garden and bits

Blauschokker peas with purple flowers and purple pods
and our petunias looking sparkly down below.


We had a flea market day and then back home to hang out.  Esme played in her 'forest house' and asked me to take a picture.  She is watering her wild mustard flower with some water that collected in the coconut shell (of coconut Saturday fame).  Columbus, the white puppy, can't wait to get in on the fun.

 A particularily 'Esme' type quirk.  This could be called her signature look - no one else could duplicate it.  Her dad comes close ;)

Garden notes:  It has been such an odd year.  Dry and cold, then super wet, a day or so of heat and sun, then cold again...  Nothing in the garden knows what to do.  I  have many seeds that have failed in the ground and a few that, once up, have tried to flower immediately.  The cicadas were singing in the trees and Esme got to see several of them up close (and three birds, too!)  She said they have four wings, and that they are kind of ugly.

I've made her another pair of shorts and weeded some of the garden.  We might go out and put some more of the greenhosue starts out in the bare places.  She wrote her journal page and drew a picture. She asked to play Monopoly again- and it was a two hour game ending in forfeiture to Mark.  He owned half the board. Esme made change much easier this time than the last time we played. And, she didn't fall off the bed once *heh*..but she did bounce quite a bit at intervals.  Monopoly gets to be fierce and tenacious competition.

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