Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday last week of homeschool

one of our tube trees we made as a project
it is standing in a coffee can

9.15a    - reading (The Magic Little Christmas Tree)
9.30a    - Klondike - quests, going through combinations in making items.  She knows more about this game than I do, now...and showed me around the places she has been since last I was there.

10a    - Subtraction worksheet (while waiting for things to get ready in game)
10:30 -  Klondike  - check back for items that had become ready
11a   - garden: planting corn in bare spots in rows and forest house play - I showed her how to tie oak leaves to a branch with a piece of grass to 'upgrade' her little branch broom she was sweeping out her pretend house with.  She showed me the cupboards full of acorns and clover, the tools on 'shelves' in the trees - and then made a duster using the same technique to hang up in her cleaning closet.

--It started to sprinkle rain on us!  As we came in, we talked about second grade homeschool for next year.

12    - making jungle trees crafts indoors - We took tubes I brought home from work,construction paper and tape and made an indoor forest to play in, complete with a little bird's nest.   It turned out really well!  She then pretended we were from an Indian village and collected her stuffed animals to be her family and 'citizens'.  We survived panther (kitten) attacks and  cooked cardboard fish over a paper campfire.

12:3  - PBS kids spelling and word games on SuperWhy
1:15p - done

I extracted a promise to read more of the Stink Moody book with me,so we can finish it before official 'summer' begins.  She played Skyrim for about two hours, then helped Daddy make the meatloaf for dinner.  Now she is rollerskating all over the kitchen.

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