Sunday, May 03, 2015


Saturday was 'coconut day' - and we all had some fresh coconut.  We tried the water, but it really wasn't good... salty and slimy.   I ground the meat up in the food processor and put it in the freezer for making cookies.  Esme took the little piece of husk that had fallen off when we ran the screwdriver through the coconut with the hammer.  She wanted to make a necklace out of it -- she had wanted us to drill several oyster shells from the driveway gravel for that, too... glad I started with the coconut husk first.  It spun around a little under the drill bit and caught my finger.  Not much worse for wear.   I asked Esme to get a bit of wool string to put through it for a necklace - and she had grabbed my raw wool and the spinning tool and was starting to try to remember how to make raw wool into yarn. *heh*

We gave the rest of the shell to the chickens and they have worked hard to get every little bit out.  It is funny to hear them knocking it against the log in their yard.

//My space bar is acting up seriously... hard to type sometimes.  Will have to try to fix it again.

Been out in the garden this morning.  It feels good to have a day off.  And, although my wisdom teeth are deciding to go at coming into my jaw again... it is not quite as bad today as it has been several other days this past week. I am losing some sleep over it...and making Excedrin my friend more than I would like to.  The strangest part of it is it keeps moving around the jaw, hurting here, and then there... and then it will be gone for an hour, and suddenly back. etc...  Last time I asked a dentist about it they couldn't find anything wrong in that spot....and a middle tooth cracked and came completly out two months later, which was then pain-free for over a year.  I know they want to just take the wisdom teeth out ///but the sedation was not good for me once and they have never used it on me since. 

sage, kale and India Mustard as attempts to edge the flower bed
kale and mustard
lots of other flowers
Santa Anna beans
Provider beans
some of the white onion sets
put out as much of  the greenhouse experiments from this winter as possible...
peppers from the store -to match up with the tomatoes and peppers Mark and Esme planted the past  few days.

Found the peony and the hosta (seen below) from last year - and perhaps the poppies are coming up again, too.

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