Saturday, May 16, 2015

Summer vacation

Sweet night, we all did our hobbies.  Esme played outside in the mud after the rain, then took a bath and washed her hair.

I got home from work, then painted and sewed.  Mark built on his robot kit. Esme and I started our Summer Journal, where we both do at least one sentence about what we did for the day.  Esme cut out paper cookies, animals and taped a paper rosebush together out of brown and red paper.  She then took a turn at painting, as well.  She made a 'family portrait' showing us as real lambs :)  This is the in progress picture.

 Painting at my craft station
mixing her own green

Lambs, a daddy, mommy and baby - in a field with dandelions

Mama's painting
I challenged myself to paint a 'pink cat with a cookie'
and this is what it ended up.
I should challenge myself more often :)

And Esme handed me a tree frog from outside and missed the handoff - it landed right between my eyes.  I would have bet more than a nickel I would have screamed.  But, somehow, I caught it up in my hands and put it outside while she roared with laughter.

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