Sunday, May 24, 2015


Memorial Day weekend has come and nearly gone. I'm back at work tomorrow, with a long stretch ahead of me. We gave away our kittens, did some gardening and rearranged the workspaces in the house some more.  The delivery of next year's school items arrived - the Astronomy book, a Geology book and a test prep book for second grade language and math that will be supporting material.  She carried the geology book with her to town the other day and was telling me all sorts of things from it.   We also ordered several cartoon series from my childhood.  They have rich language and themes in them, similar to Ducktales - of which she has really picked up a lot from this past year.  As the summer goes on I will add a few other things, maybe -- like more Stink Moody books or something on animals, perhaps.

We've finished the first chapter of the Adventure story - have to type it up and go over it a little but not right away.  She is a little exasperated by the 'I already told you this!' aspect and the fact that it 'has gone on forever' for just one chapter.

Going to my sewing table to see if there is anything to rearrange etc...  When Esme was at the park the other day I saw a beautiful sundress on a little girl that I know I could make...

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