Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Esme's train, yucca plant and bits

Esme built a train in Minecraft, after the Harry Potter train idea (I think)
Outside of the train with iron block wheels
inside seats

'control room' and 'snack cart'

I've cut out a sundress with ruffled layers - but haven't gotten anywhere on the sewing of it yet, as I close all this week. Took some time out to the garden.  The bad news is only half of our corn wants to come up at all in this weather -and it is too late for a third planting.  The good news might be that it is easier to weed in the gappy rows.  More bad news if we get more wind this year.  //sigh  More good news in that we still have corn in the freezer from last year.

The yucca plant is blooming.  Mark says it is the prettiest it has been in nearly ten years.  Esme drew this picture of it in her journal the other day. (it is on the right hand side, the purple radish is on the left)

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