Saturday, May 09, 2015

List of first grade accomplishments

I'm putting together a portfolio for what we have done this year from our stack of work.
We don't have to do this by the rules for Tennessee - but I want to keep it all in one place.
Esme says we can look through 'reading school, as school', next week.   I will ask her what she wants to put in the project scrapbook.

A list of accomplishments Esme has made this year homeschooling.  These were things she either hadn't tried and/or succeeded with before August of last year, or a statement of level achieved.

Tie a square knot in yarn.
Tie her own shoes.
Roller skate (forwards, and somewhat backwards) - attend a roller rink
Make a snowman by rolling large snowballs.
Sled in snow.
Ride a bike without training wheels.
Cast a fishing rod.
Woodworking project - flower planter, use electric screwdriver, mark pieces that Daddy cut out.
Climbing trees - project with a climbing pole set in cement.
Lift weights in repetitions- 2, 5 and 10 lb weights.
Thread a sewing needle.
Sew a piece of felt on top of another piece securely.
Cut detailed items with scissors, both in paper, cardboard and in fabric.
Weave on a loop loom. 
Use paint and brushes to make an edge-to-edge painting.
Wash and brush her own hair (with effort, and we usually do it to save time)
Wash her own laundry from beginning to end. (not a recurring task for her yet, but she knows how, and has demonstrated it for me)
Put in and take out barettes from her hair.
Do up the buckles on overalls.
Cook a corn dog in microwave to instructions on single serve package.
Open a pop tab can.
Cut simple foods with supervision while helping to cook (ie: cheese, onion, apples on the apple corer).

Observation, Investigative, Decision Making, Thought Process:
Observe and look up birds, animals and plants.
Keep, exchange and operate her own tv, dvd player and game system.
Read an interesting book / poetry collection on her own for enjoyment.
Understand 'actors' and real vs. recorded entertainment better...
Use measurement in relation to space/mapping, ten steps that way
Design transportation, shops and city in Minecraft.
Make connections between movies(ie: Spaceballs vs.Star Wars,  Aristocats vs. 101 Dalmations)
Discuss a timeline of events and how cause and effect happened -ie: Avatar series.
Ask and investigate scientific questions with great complexity.
Experiment with some new foods. (so tough for her in the past.)
Wash a dog in the bath tub.
Feed and water the new rat pet - the experience of building his cage.
Ask questions and make decisions to buy with her allowance.
Plan to go on a town trip, dress nicely for it, keep her purse with her at all times.
Plant seeds, water, and transplant seedlings to ground.
Aim and frame the digital camera.
Make a video with the tablet.
Understand the map of the world relates to real places and is not arbitrary.
Foray into Greek and French languages.
Begin to learn myth and legends vs.the idea of history and time.
Use computer interface to discover new features and instructions in many games.

Reading, Books, Literature:
Use her own library card to check out books.
Read easily at a second grade level, often higher with encouragement and help.
Passed two different sets of 1st grade spelling tests.
Passed 80%+ on a reading comprehension test.
Write a sentence with care to punctuation and capital letter at beginning.
Will continue to work on capitalization and 'proper names'.
Usually identify a noun and verb in sentences (adjectives still hard sometimes).
Make up character names and extend wordplay to nonsense words ie: 'bone-osis'. (very hard for her)
Play at stories and plays with characters and scenes.
Write a very simple rhyming poem. 
Draw a map representing information in the room or yard.
Make a 'book report' (comic style, not essay) describing a story she has seen/heard.
Follow a comic book sequence with pictures and text through the storyline.
Play charades!-- identify syllables still needs some work!
Use a dictionary.
Understands the beginning concept of foreign languages and names...not English.
Still argues about irregular spellings, but knows they do exist and sometimes it 'just doesn't look like it sounds'

 Numerical Operations and Time:
Add and subtract within a hundred, trying to take care to carry and borrow properly. 
Multiply up to 5x5 with no problem, up to 10x10 with thought and care.
Beginning algebraic concepts- completed Dragon Box series,  make 'equations'.
Divide numbers she can multiply (with ample time to think.)
Understands zero and negative numbers.
(beginning) to understand fractions and parts to whole.
Identify 2D shapes and most 3D shapes (sometimes she can't remember a name but can pick it out of a list)
Understand history means that place and time are permanently connected.
Make a graph of data, and understand to retrieve and use information from the graph.
Measure in teaspoons, tablespoons and cups.
Compare weights and volumes.
Can measure in inches and feet.
Measure a spice mixture using a recipe and a balance scale.
Understand money, coins, dollars and how it relates to work, goods and services.
She understands time both on clock and calendar SO much better this year, after focusing on it in our school.
Can answer 'two hours from now', 'two days from Saturday' and other such questions, now.
30 Days hath September etc.poem.
Given starting information, she can lay out a calendar page.
Plan 'the fourth dimension'- ie: we make our own future

 Electricity (Snap Circuits, Potato Clock),
Skeleton, Growth and Muslces unit (magic schoolbus),
Acids and Bases (pbskids),
Magnifying Glass and leaves,
Salt and Evaporation
greenhouse growth of seeds

History : 
Liberty's Kids, Ancient Egypt, Japanese Culture topics,

Field Trips:
Local Historical society, Local Parks, Tennessee River Fine Arts at Robert E. Lee School and talk with several artists. music store, Japanese restaurant, farm visit to Buena Vista, TN and subsequent check-ins with same farmer

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