Saturday, September 03, 2011


Harvested basil and marigold seed today, and a hyacinth bean pod for Grandma's herb garden next year (inedible, but VERY pretty).

There were about forty seeds of whippoorwill peas and another large amount of them to come in for the next few days. There were quite a few pinto beans to pull in and shell out to cook. I will happily have a pan of those to put with leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.

Puck, our smallest dog, died yesterday. She was between five and six years old (found at the flea market, aug-sep 2006). We think she was hit by a truck that turned around in our yard early in the morning. That was the only thing really 'different' that happened that day and we saw her before that but neither of us could remember seeing her after the truck went away. Poor girl had been hurt before and we found her and fixed her up. This time, we didn't have a clue there was anything wrong until the heat of the day. She always thought she was a fifty pound tiger in a ten pound sack. Esme liked her, she called her 'Crumbs' for the longest time, instead of Puck. The thing that made me know she was missing is at dinner time she did a very annoying dance where she hit your knees repeatedly as you walk to the stairs with your plate for the sink. That didn't happen - and before we went to bed that night I told Mark I realized she wasn't here. He went out with the flashlight and didn't see or hear anything. That was yesterday. Mark found her today, and buried her.

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