Sunday, September 25, 2011

My mind's eye has an odd point of view

I have a very active imagination, and it doesn't stop when I go to sleep. Last night in a dream I was going through a fishing basket of small stuffed toys in a large sitting room that seemed right out of some magazine (probably was, I looked at several last week and my photographic memory does things like that). The little 'sitting room' was off of a larger 'antique shop' which is a common dream theme of mine, wandering through rooms of random things looking at things many of which I have seen elsewhere in antique shops, garage sales etc -- my brain saves them there ;) But, those toys were unlike anything I had ever seen. They weren't children's things in particular, they were just curiosities made up my brain? There were little 'people' figures and a boat, a few plain balls and squares and then I found this 'bird' toy. This is as close as I can get to it now that I'm awake, the one in the dream had more white on it and the lines were stitched in as embroidery and/or quilting. All the little blue things were floppy 'wing things' on the top level and the bottom level had several pointy triangles that made the toy bounce in your hand when you tossed it back and forth. In my dream I was struck by both a 'log cabin quilt' feeling and a 'totem pole figure' feeling to the object. I handled it for a bit until someone started talking to me (in the dream) about another room I had been in, which I thought was frankly strange compared to this one which was why I had come in there to sit down.

the finished first draft, looks a lot like a turkey
Esme likes it, it has a weird charm

It reminds me of this pair of toys I made for Esme when she was five months old. I considered them her 'mimsy' toys, and they were made while attempting to make something else ;)

I guess my brain is just wandering down the same kind of paths in different directions. I need to finish the hippo toys I am working on and take some pictures of the dresses I made this week... but a basket of soft 'curiosities' doesn't sound like a bad idea. I'd like to make up a few of the people, too... they looked like doll versions of old clicky playmobil figures I used to have as a kid.

Last night I put calamine lotion on my arm where I feel like I have poison ivy - and Esme wanted to get me a towel, or a diaper wipe, or anything she could think of to get the pink stuff off my arm. That was pink stuff. It should not be there on Mom's arm. She kept coming up with ideas, and looking it over to get more ideas. Earlier when I took a bath she told me she would get a doctor to fix me because I had owies there, or she would get some duct tape and fix it... or we'd use soap on it. She is a thinker I tell you - every day lately she comes up with all of these ideas. I'm still smiling inside about the hippo puzzle piece, as well.

She was writing letters for me in the bathtub with her soap crayon. She got 'o', 'i' with a dot just fine with no help or prompting. Then she said she was going to make an 'h', but it was actually a square. She got mad about that. We had to talk about 'h' having just a line in the middle, and she eventually got that - and made another 'h' on her easel for me later in the night. 'S', '3', 'Z' and '5' are confusing her. She can make one of them, and then thinks about the others and asks me to make one and looks hard at it, and cries because she can't figure out how to "change her hands" ie: make her hands do that instead of what they are doing... She worked on it for a little bit in the bathtub, and at the easel - and I had to change the subject because she gets so worked up about it.

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