Saturday, September 17, 2011

of Pie Bread, sorghum and gardening

Two bits of the broom corn I've planted this year.

White popping sorghum, fresh from garden
I think I picked this too early... need to research more
There is more out there.

a good post about sorghum grain
definitely harvesting mine too early...
but if we had chickens they would still like it.

red sorghum broom corn
picked too early as well, but dried now
more of this out there, too

we go wheee on swing

We all went to the library this morning, and the grocery store. It was a nice day out. Mark found another Land Before Time DVD and now Esme is engrossed between that and Commander Keene Atari game. She has been out to the garden with me three or four times today, helping me plant and look at me use the 'bug salt' and draw in the sandy patch she has found. I told her the Sevin was 'bad bug salt' and she should not touch it so she would not get sick.

Esme and I made pancakes today - well, she helped me do some of the measuring and mixing. I told her it would be a pancake, and she said 'man cake?' I could tell she was thinking about a gingerbread man. When she saw the first one on the griddle frying up she said 'no man cake. you make a pie.' I let her taste some. 'It is bread. Pie bread. It is good.' So pancakes are pie bread. And it is one of the few things I've made on a whim that Esme has eaten all of what I gave her.

I was craving apple and carrot and garlic... so I made another 'Mama soup'.

1 small red delicious apple (Fuji would have been better), cored and diced
half a can of sliced carrots
a cup of fresh field peas and snapped green beans
basil, onion powder, 2 cloves of garlic
I wanted to put some green split peas in it but didn't want to wait on them.. should have done it.

I ate half of that without the broth alongside several pancakes. It was a good combination and there is the other half (and the broth) in the fridge with two more leftover pancakes. The dogs really enjoyed the pancake mix leftover which was mixed with some water to clean out the bowl and poured over their dry dog food.

Out in the garden I found lots of beans and field peas. There are enough of them coming in I am trying to freeze some now. I planted more dent corn and beans and also some garlic from my spice drawer. I need to put in the Sandhill order very soon so Grandma will get her garlic soon! I also put some Sevin dust on the garden, which I had hoped I wouldn't have to do - but I need to protect the small ones until they get big enough to survive all of the chewing insects.

I also bought a yard of purple fabric for a long-sleeved dress for Esme. That is in the dryer and I'm waiting on it to finish.

//candid photos Mark caught last night after I crashed. Esme crawled up into our bed and crashed down beside me after that. He snapped the picture before he picked her up and put her in her own bed.

like mother, like daughter...
That is our favorite warm wooly blanket with the diamonds on it...

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