Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blue Shackamaxon and more

harvest this morning

Offhand shot of Esme that Mark caught yesterday

Blue or Black Shackamaxon beans

I see now why there is a disparity between those calling them 'blue' and 'black'. I had room-dried a few of the beans last week and the seeds inside those are black. I found one that had dried naturally outside - completely in the hull, and those two seeds have a definite blue cast to them.

Blue Shackamaxon beans
in pod, fresh shelled from pod, two from a completley dried pod

Blue Shackamaxon beans

A snail found in the garden
look closely you can see his eyes poking out looking at me

Zig zag pattern in knitting
This is the (yo,k1)*6, (k2tog)*6 version

Did the math and at 14 inches of width, I would need 6 strips as close to 86/90 inches wide as possible. Sew the strips reversed to each other and make a 'sine wave' afghan large enough for the bed. Considering I am at seven inches of length on this test script... that would take a long time. Hmm. But I could finish the strips in white, orange, yellow, light grey, dark grey and black. That would cover all the colors I have been thinking of. Hmm...


another quilt with nice colors
log cabin quilt

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Anonymous said...

having a hard time finding this beautiful pattern, your picture

This is the (yo,k1)*6, (k2tog)*6 version

Would you kindly post it please?