Saturday, September 10, 2011

early morning garden clowning around

The sad little fall garden... inside the weed overgrown but
still producing larger garden!

It was 53 degrees outside this morning at 7:30 am. Esme and I dressed appropriately and went out to plant a small row of radishes and check on the state of all of the 'seed babies' in the garden.

Rodale article on black radish, with really good writing. Just as I am thinking about ordering a packet for next year's fall planting, and trying another set of radish out in the garden this fall as well.

I didn't get much done out in the garden this morning, just the row of radishes planted. I noted that the Esme cranberry bean is the only one of the three experimental 'cranberry' type beans up at the moment. Those were planted on Thursday. I chalk that up to it being 'wetter' ie: fresher, than the other two, as it was from this season's seed.

The lentils are looking interesting on day 8 from planting

This is similar to what the garbanzos looked like in this Gardenerd article.

The lemon marigolds are blooming beautifully.

The purple hulled peas on day eight

Esme had me draw Pocoyo, Ellie and Pato in the dirt the other day. It is still there, and I took a picture for her.

And there was lots of clowning around in the garden.

Look up... uh... not that much.

It's a leaf!

Hats off, go West young man
I have no idea how I got this shot - I love it.

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ElizabethEK said...

I love it as well! What a great shot!