Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The garlic is up in the garden - tiny spikes! Not much else to report, just a bit of a rant.... I seriously need to get to the thrift store to find some jeans to fit me better. I was wearing a pair of 'pre-Esme' jeans today, hoping to stretch my wardrobe some. They finally fit again, but were old and not going to stand up to the kind of repetitive washing they are being put through and all of the physical work we do while lifting and climbing and walking miles and miles during the day. They tore in a noticeable place and I have to find something else. There is a 'new and improved' (not improved, my opinion) dress code at work as well, so we have to wear collared button-up shirts AGAIN that are long enough to tuck in, and well-fitting blue jeans or khakis. This was a rule they tried to enforce about six months ago, but backed off on. I wish they would stop yanking up and down on that factor - wanting us to work hard physically but trying to edge us into wearing as close to dress clothes as they can while we do it. How can we afford to replace such things since they can also not be worn stained or torn? With the economy the way it is - we will have to thrift or scrimp somewhere or risk a writeup and possible 'repercussions.' It feels like Murphy's Law is in effect sometimes.. when it comes to those rules.

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