Tuesday, September 06, 2011

tiny notes

Very tired, and now it is cold enough for sleeves and pants and an extra blanket on the bed at night! I went out in a hooded sweatshirt to pick the beans this morning. Several of the Shackamaxon beans have turned purple and begun to swell with some seed. I hope they make it. I took two inside to dry and left some on the plant. The first beans came off of the Mayflower bean, took long enough! We had a hard rain and I was worried about saving seed on a few of the items. Harvested several whipporwill cowpea pods for eating - the green on green speckles made me jump at first as I opened them - then I remembered that they are supposed to be speckled. I had just had a purple hull pea pod with speckles on those because a caterpillar was living in the pod halfway down... so my temperature was set by that, already ;) Also the calendula from last Friday's planting is sprouting, but no lentils or radicchio yet. I am wondering if the cold weather will end out the tomatoes once and for all?

Tried to make Esme a dress last night but it ended up large in the neck and small in the armholes. It was a size 6. I might be able to save it, but the fabric I used was leftover from another dress of hers, so it might not be a total loss anyway. It has been over a month since I've sewn - I should have known couldn't just get back in the driver's seat and rip something out in a few hours like usual.

Esme was playing with my pincushion and she usually pushes any needles down into the cushion one by one and I have to go find them. Thus, also, I've gone to keeping only one out in the cushion at a time. I was looking for the one I KNEW was there, and was not finding it. I called her over and asked her to look at my needlebook full of new needles and go find me the one like it she had had. She thought hard, then ran off downstairs (I really hoped she had not taken it there!). She came back grinning and had something behind her back. She presented me happily with an aluminum pie tin. *facepalm* Clever, though, she found something that looked like all the glittery silver needles! While she was downstairs I did find the missing needle - it was pushed down in but I had a hard time locating it.

mail came today: blue sweet corn (blue jade), lina sisco beans, black plum tomatoes and lots of herbs.

I went out to the garden just after work and found VERY tiny threads of growth where the lentils are planted. I will see if I can get a picture tomorrow. Maybe I'll have this new dress finished tomorrow, too. It kind of looks like a daffodil with the color combination ;)

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