Sunday, June 19, 2011


a pumpkin fruit
a few days ago, it has grown since!

The 'volunteer' squash looking plants out behind the garden seem happy and thriving. We think they are just gourds left over from years past... The pumpkins out of the cheap seed packet I planted near them are starting to poke their heads up, and Esme's experiment beans are climbing. Those are all of the things not IN the garden ;) It feels nice and therapeutic to walk over the land with a hoe and check on how the things beyond the garden are doing just for the sake of 'seeing how they are.'

In the garden the basil and beans are still producing at a wonderful rate. I harvested some more of the pinto beans, shelled and boiled them with the green beans. They turn an interesting purple speckled color when cooked. The last of the radishes went in to tonight's meal, too... softly boiled with the pintos and salt and pepper the taste resembled cabbage. The pattypan squash and zucchini and cucumbers are giving enough to make meals out of daily. The one pumpkin in the garden has grown at least an inch in length since I photographed it the other day. I'd say it is larger around than an apple now, and was just a bit smaller before.

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