Monday, June 27, 2011

it's the little things...

Like being able to put on your pants and using a mouse on the computer, pouring a cup of milk and washing your own hands and face etc... Esme is starting to get those lately and it really has added a whole new level to her independence. She is open more often to learning and trying hard at new things, and applying her range of knowledge. She can play the matching game on Starfall and also 'browse' clip art and Ebay listings by mousing to pictures she is interested in and clicking on them. We're working on the milk thing, she can get it out of the fridge, take the top off, and start to pour it.. but she needs someone holding the cup still because of the angle on the milk carton... poor girl. But, practice will make it right. And I'm still proud of her even though this morning she had both feet in one leg of her pants.. the point was that she went after the idea without crying and screaming for help until it really became a problem she couldn't fix.

When she stops and says 'I picking.... I thinking about colors. I ... I KNOW, 'something she wants', it cracks me up ;) She will pace with both hands behind her back and head down while she is 'thinking' and then decide with a light-bulb expression on her face. When she dives into my fabric box and balances on her belly over the edge, face-down in the tub and saying 'I looking.. I finding. I looking at alls.' also funny.

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cute! I keep finding Mila sat on the kitchen counter with flour and sugar all over the floor when she wants to 'bake'! great that she can click on ebay icons, we're not there yet here.
(My email address is : where you can send me your home address re the sketchbook)