Thursday, June 30, 2011


Esme has a bit of a cough, so we're watching it. Sometimes she gets one only when she is crying and filling her sinuses up, poor kid has my nose. If it gets worse when she isn't crying - we'll have to take her in. She has really started acting more grown up more often than she is acting babyish... except for the frustration at times and being a terribly bossy cow when she has her mind set on something. I think those will be lifelong! The garden is producing a lot more - beans, squash, peppers, basil and cucumbers daily. The tomatoes and corn are just starting to become ripe. Mark thinks he'll pick some of the corn tomorrow. I feel I've lost a little of weight eating by smell - cooking pots of garden food and adding anything that smells good to it and not eating anything that doesn't smell 'delicious.' I'm probably quite lucky in that simmering vegetables and things like soup that includes black eyed peas, green beans, zucchini, carrots, yellow squash, onion, herbs and other bits of leftovers smell VERY delicious to me lately. I'm getting a lot of use out of the idea of 'eat half of this tonight, bring half for lunch tomorrow', as well.

I walked around the outside of the garden watering the new squash and beans. They are starting to leaf out.

Before I went to work this morning Esme had to check to see if Mom had everything - shirt, pants, belt, shoes... I found that funny. Tonight I notice she is answering questions, even some slightly abstract ones, much better than ever before. She can answer what color one of our dogs is now without telling me to say it. I tested her a little further and she could tell me what color her bed is (yellow), what color Curious George's "daddy" is (man in yellow hat) and was stumbling on what color George is.. she can't decide between orange or brown for him. I was impressed by that, and her use of more feeling words lately 'I rub mine eyes, it wet.' // 'Daddy go on the moon, it me too hard.' (game thing on Daddy's computer) // 'I no scream, no cry, feel all better!' (about me cutting an onion yesterday I asked her if it made her eyes cry) // 'no be all done Mom, no leave me here, we two sits' (she didn't want me to go upstairs)

She told me in the bathtub that a bubble was all dead, really dead, just sit there...really dead bubble. *ha* // She just told Daddy that something on his computer was REALLY beautiful, and she is giving him lots of directions, 'no no no.. yea, that a GREEN moon, gonna fall down, hold on tight!' etc.

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