Sunday, June 12, 2011

garden monster

garden 'monster'

stuffed the white pattypan with radish, basil and little bits of summer squash, then put it and chopped garlic, zucchini, green beans and chicken broth in the oven to simmer. There is some leftover rice in the fridge that it would go well with.

Esme and I went to town for a french fry and to get my schedule. I go back to work on Tuesday morning. It rained last night and is still wet out - but maybe it will get a little better and we will go outside. A good thing is that the wind did not blow over our plants. I saw some crops on the way to town that had been blown down. I also wanted to note that the neighbors harvested their wheat crop recently... I found that interesting it is already OUT of the fields.

///was out in the garden marking new bean sprouts and flower seedlings with orange tape - and I saw that the cucumbers had VERY tiny fruits on them! YAY! The corn is silking, most of the beans have sprouted (not the shackamaxon or the scarlet runner, but the 'experiment' varieties I was interested in are up). All the squash is minutes from exploding everywhere! Not being out there daily after tomorrow is going to be hard!///

brown and red experiment beans from the soup mix

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