Saturday, June 04, 2011

Intertwining interests

It seems I am not alone in this interest over heirloom bean species. I mentioned Esme's planting and sorting, with me picking out the odd ones, at work and a coworker's eyes lit up and she said she would get me something on her lunch break from her house. She returned with one bean plant and two other varieties of bean seed from her collection. I promised to bring her a few of the rare ones I ordered and to let her know how my 'weird brown speckles' set worked out. I should print out some of the articles as well, as she doesn't have the Internet. I already planted two of her scarlet runners in the garden underneath the Indian corn. I also spoke to the elderly encyclopedic gardener at work for a few minutes and he told me how they used to plant purple hull peas (he called them shucky peas but said they were really beans in his mind) along their corn and have it climb the stalks. That is what I was thinking to do with the Shackamaxons. I am now on vacation until the 14th. If I can just get rid of the last of this sinus infection it will all be good!

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