Monday, June 13, 2011

PVC tent and end of vacation

It is the last day of my vacation. We got a lot done this week. This is what I made today, a PVC tent to go over the top of the truck bed when we go to the flea market. So many times we have baked out there in the sun wishing for something like this. I can stand up underneath the canopy, but Mark has to slouch just a little bit.. that was as far as I could stretch it at 45 degrees before it wanted to buckle AND keep the side bars and top bars all the same length. What is best - it breaks down into pieces and all of the long lines are the same size, so it can be built up fairly quickly. I even glued the most important joints (45's on top) into short bits that would work as full pieces.

The whole thing cost about 20 dollars, and the bedsheet that is clipped to it was a two dollar find on clearance a while back.

Also during this vacation I've made pants for Esme, a skirt and drawstring pants for me and done a LOT in the garden. Grandma and Esme found some random gourds out behind the garden that I didn't plant... something maybe turned over when the loggers were out there. Mark had gourds all over the property a few years ago. I DID plant some more cheap pumpkin seeds near there tonight and a few more peas in the garden.

I go back to work tomorrow.. and work for a straight week. What a vacation gift.


Jaime Mclean Dalrymple said...

What Farmer's Market do you go to? You have to let me know when you are going. I am dying to find some good local produce around here. I have tried Paris, but I always seem to miss it. I am going to try early this weekend.

ElizabethEK said...

Meant to comment earlier: this tent is super creative and functional. Awesome!