Sunday, June 05, 2011

7302 McCalls skirt and soup

This is what Esme spent today doing.
Daddy bought her a sprinkler
that she can turn on by herself...

7302 McCalls

This is the 1950s pattern I am making the skirt from. It is really a full sundress but the top is attached separately to the skirt and it is a zipper back. I decided there was only enough of this particular fabric to make a skirt, and had to split the back panels in half again to make it work. I've pinned the waistline together with the zipper in it and tried it on - it seems to fit. If necessary, I have one portion of the scraps that could be used to make an 'expander' panel for the sides. I hope I won't need it.

The soup from the other beans turned out well! Mark put in some too-fatty steak that had been sitting in the freezer for almost too long. I put in leftover radishes and green beans from the garden. The radishes surprised me. After cooking they were like flavorless pearl onions in the soup. It seems like a wonderful use for radishes, even 'woody' ones that have been in the fridge for a few days.

Off to play with Esme and later to sew the seams on the skirt and work some in the garden. I was out there for a little bit early this morning and one thing I noted was how many happily buzzing bees there were all over the squash and bean flowers. It is nice to have happy bees :)

Candid camera
Mark catching an offhand shot
of Esme on her way in to have a bath
and the back of the new skirt, as well...

LATER I've finished the skirt all but the hem, and am wearing it! I need to redo the elastic just a little on the back, so it stays tight around the waist. Being a vintage size 20 (32 inch waist) it is just a few inches too big and that isn't a bad thing when it comes to a skirt, as elastic can fix that (and be changed at a later date) and nothing can fix too tight.



hello again, will you participate to my travelling sketchbook project or have you got too much going on at the moment? x

RheLynn said...

Yes I will participate - what do I need to do? my email is my nickname (seen here as username) all one word at yahoo dot com Please send me the info there if you want to!