Thursday, June 16, 2011

43 month language spurt

I keep posting these, because I want to see where the 'aha' moments were... we've been having another round of them. I know it is in direct relation to how much time Esme spent with me during the vacation last week.... she absorbed so much and is now sorting it out into her regular speech. Mark and I keep turning to look at each other with that familiar : 'was that our child that just said that?' look. It is nice. She is getting so much more across to us as complete thoughts.

Last night we 'baked a cake' impromptu for a coworker of mine. It is her birthday today, and I was going to bring her some cupcakes and dishcloths for a last-minute present. Esme got to help me and she was so happy we were going to make a birthday cake ;) She ran upstairs and told Daddy something.. didn't catch the words, but he got the idea what I was doing even though he hadn't seen it -- so she really is explaining things much better. She got to lick the spoon, and wanted to offer him some birthday cake on a spoon, too ;)

I've posted elsewhere today that I am certain that Esme is a 'different' type of thinker. She absorbs raw information and then it brews for a little while... and then she sorts it out and tries to use it, sometimes when we have no idea because it has taken so long to brew etc.. She has shown this for a very long time - like never saying 'Mama' for so long even though she knew the word... sometimes it is 'there' but she doesn't put into action until she is certain about it. And other things... she just blows us away with a really good understanding of something before we knew she was working on it!

ie: the other day she started handing me pins when she saw me start to bend under a hem on a pair of pants.. she just walked over to the pincushion, picked it up - and before I could say 'no ow' she had handed me a pin and told me to put it in the cloth 'go on, right there mama... go on do it.' I was like: 'oh, uh.. thanks' and then she waited for me to put it in the cloth and handed me another... when I said I had enough pins she wanted me to start sewing it so she could put them back in the pincushion as I pulled them out.

To her, these are Mama's toys, and she is helping Mama play with her toys ;)

She was proud of helping Mama break eggs and stir them last night making the cake, too. I let her put all the cupcake papers into the pan and she thought she was a VERY big girl, but also understood when I told her the mixer was something Mama had to do right now, and that filling the cupcakes with gloppy cake batter was also something 'messy, Mama has a hard time doing this right, but I am going to try hard.' Esme: 'ok Mama, try hard, you do. I sit.' And she watched me do a couple, decided it WAS hard, and drank her milk and played with her toy at the table.

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