Tuesday, June 28, 2011

garden update (no pics)

It is starting to storm again, we've had good enough rain the past few days to bring up seeds I thought were lost... and others that were just planted recently as well.

bit of a boring update here - no pictures but I've been meaning to put this on the blog for reference. But I keep losing the computer to little fingers... so it is hard to keep up.

Three green peppers, lots of cucumbers, zucchini and some tiny yellow squash yesterday in the garden, added to the normal handful of pinto beans, green beans and a carrot. I put some of those in with a handful of lentils to simmer for a few hours and came out with a delicious garden soup that made me intensely hungry with the very first bite. I am enjoying getting some 'simple food' in and I think it is something I've needed for a while, minerals or alkaline... or just the placebo effect from knowing it is good food made myself from the garden we planted :)

The purple hulled peas are nearly all up, some more of the wax beans came up and the others are looking happier. A few other beans I had been sure had no chance came up behind the corn and others there are starting to twine up cornstalks and get ready to flower. The mexican sunflowers were looking very poorly yesterday, and are better today. Pinto beans along the fence behind those sunflowers are looking better and coming up in the bare spots. The 'advanced' pumpkin is huge now, about junior basketball size, and there is a new one coming on the OTHER side of the garden... and for the record, all of the pumpkin vines are rooted in the same place... but they have wandered all over the other squash and went where they pleased. The red sorghum is up and looks like tiny blades of grass, spaced far apart. The radishes are starting to come up in their new home. The dill is coming up, as are the Mayflower beans and extra Provider green bush beans. Esme's dahlias are coming up as well. The extra pumpkins and squash are up in the valley, but I haven't checked on the extra pole beans scattered there. I planted the whipporwhill cowpeas this morning as well as the white sorghum. Now with this rain it should be all set to come up!

Esme is begging piteously for the computer. Now that she can operate several programs (learning SO quickly, was building 'Lego' on Daddy's Minecraft game last night and switching colors and destroying things after building them within a few minutes of him showing her the keys) she wants to do it all herself and stay on for hours! Like parents like child...

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