Sunday, August 22, 2010

Books are the Stepping Stones to Success

Another Animation (click here)

Yet another example of her lining things up in rows... silly kid! It's kind of cool and kind of 'huh?' at the same time for me. She was telling me 'I float!' and pretending that the rest of the floor around the books was 'wet' so she needed a road to 'float' on. The poor cats got carried across the 'road' too, and the game went on and on and on for quite a while.

My organizational skills need a ramp up lately, and I need more time off to clean that isn't just when Esme is napping. Tomorrow is trash day and I am going to see what I can get done today and get rid of tomorrow etc... Grandma Irene came here today and I was really embarrassed that there was so much building up :( It's not awful (should have seen the house I grew up in Minnesota, and we didn't have this many animals) but it definitely needs more attention than I've been able to give it lately.

Sleeping with all of the pillows!
Mark says this means she 'wins' ;)

Downstairs scrubbing floors and getting in corners, and using the vacuum on the carpet etc. Mark cleaned the air filter but hurt his knee doing so. Found a source of something really ucky downstairs in a back corner we couldn't get into.. and it is now cleaned up and blocked off. Taking a break and saw Esme sleeping with all the pillows and had to take a picture of it. Back down there to work on the other side of the room some, and then see what else I can get to up here.

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ElizabethEK said...

Great post. Nice to tackle some of that bigger stuff sometimes. We get really behind in the yard ourselves, and the basement.

Super cute pic of her cuddling with those pillows.