Wednesday, August 11, 2010

paper dolls and paper kitty

something I made the other night ... simple freehand cutting and I could do a lot better with an exacto knife and some more care. Esme is outside playing with Daddy and the garden hose, watering the roof of the house and filling the dog dishes and washing out the cat carrier. Ninja kitty goes to the vet tomorrow to be spayed.

NOTE: Esme was noticing more numbers today and thinks that doubled numbers are funny, apparently. She read '9 9' off our fast food slip today and was thinking that was funny with two nines. She also read 8-1-1 (date) off of my watch and said that the two one's were also funny. She had a great time at my workplace this morning with Daddy showing all of my coworkers the mud she had gotten on her hand and the duck pattern on her pants. In the store we bought her a new pillow and she put it across the top of the cart in her lap and put her head down and pretended to sleep. She is now taking a two hour nap and I should wake her up and see what she wants for dinner.

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