Tuesday, August 10, 2010

dollhouse card antics and ketchup

Esme's usual dolly family that she plays with. They are a little more worn and dirty than when we bought them. There are several other members of the family, another girl, a baby, a grandma and a grandpa. They are not all from the same 'set' originally. There is also a kitty hairclip that Grandma Irene gave her - and that is the kitty of the family. ;)

Showing her reflection (in the back of my printer casing) the ketchup on her finger.

Almost evil look as she shows it to me and the camera. Yikes!

They all like to play in the memory game cards in this box from the fruit set.

This is the kitty welcoming the Mama 'HOME' from work and giving her licks like a puppy.... *haha*

NOTE: I gave in to the clearance rack last night and bought this blue shirt for two bucks... she really likes it!

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