Monday, August 23, 2010

Green Hair Tie and drawing

I was going through old drawers today and found this green hair tie from long long ago... Esme said it was 'the pretty'.

I took these, the poor kitty was very tolerant

Mark took this one after I said the lighting was really bad... good job Daddy :)

I was asked to draw a baby bunny rabbit riding a bike, again... the rest of it is hers

I gave it back to her on her easel and she goes at it some more...

Esme seems back to her usual attitude/mood today. She has hardly given me any 'guff' at all about things I ask her to do - like wash her hands, use the potty or take off her own shoes and socks for bath. She did say 'NO' about the potty 'Do you need to use the potty?' and then took a second, grinned at me sweetly and went and did it anyway. She helped Daddy bring the garbage up to the curb and put away the groceries (to the extent she does either - pretending to pull the wagon and throwing away empty bags, but she thinks she helps a lot). She is also very much into 'I did it!' today clapping for herself and happy about every little accomplishment. It's sweet. I am glad to have my 'good girl' back who helps and even accepts Mama is going to work after at first crying loudly about it.

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ElizabethEK said...

SO pretty!