Wednesday, August 18, 2010

when she NEEDS to go to bed, she won't ask

She just gets more and more unreasonable and 'not like her', but going to bed is punishment so she doesn't want to ask. She had been over here hopping in and out of my lap with markers for a half hour - trying to get me to come draw - but when I did go draw she didn't want to anymore. Same thing with other things - she wanted to participate and then she didn't. She wanted to play the physics game with me but I hit a hard place where I couldn't get the ball to go where it should -- and she wanted me to fix it and I couldn't... and then more drawing, and more skirting the edge of a tantrum (on the bed, get off the bed, want milk, won't drink it etc...) Mark said she should go to bed, but I didn't want her to go to bed -- just wanted her to act better. It's funny because this all sounds like a normal toddler but it isn't usual for Esme. She's usually 'reasonable' unless she is very tired or hungry or coming down sick. She was up before seven this morning and had not taken a nap despite being so active all day. She ate well so I hope she was just overly tired again. Very good chance she is hitting another growth spurt.

I asked her if she wanted to go to bed - and she said NO. Of course. I told her if she didn't get off the floor and stand up she would be going to bed anyway... and then she laid back down on the floor! What clearer sign is there - Mark said. He's right. *sigh* So I put her to bed. I didn't want to - because I wanted to give her a bath and give her some ice cream downstairs. I have to work tomorrow and won't be able to here. She was very unhappy when she heard that - but not enough even to stay awake and complain. She fell asleep almost immediately when her head hit her pillow.

*sigh* again.... so I went and cleaned in the kitchen some.
It's rare she falls asleep so early, seven o' clock!

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